Levi's Crib and a Question

We ordered Levi's crib Friday night! YAY! I am so excited.
I still have to research some more on crib mattresses before we make that purchase.

I had several things in mind when selecting a crib.
1.) Expresso Color
2.) Clean Lined
3.) Stationary sides
4.) Convertible into a toddler bed and headboard
5.) Simple
6.) Highly Rated

I found several that met this criteria but I wasnt willing to spend $300 on a crib, especially when this one from Graco was $179.99 + free shipping.
I knew that this was the one that I liked (And thankfully Matt agreed), so I began searching for a better price.

Walmart had it for $159.97 + free site to store shipping. SWEET!
and Amazon had it for $139.00 + free Shipping. SOLD!!!
It pays to shop around.

Here it is!
I love it.
We are going for a modern colorful theme for the nursery with owls, we have big plans for an accent wall, that I am so excited about.

 We were going to go with a lodge type theme, but the accent wall that we had planned seemed to difficult and nearly impossible to complete with everything else going on.

We are now trying to make a list of registry items that we need with out getting alot of unneccesary things.
We are narrowing the travel system down. We love the Chicco travel systems, but have heard that they have to much hype right now. Matt and I went and looked at the Graco and Chicco, and it seems that the Chicco is made alot better. It manuevers better, not as wide as the Graco ones, the stay in car base looks better made, drink holders, large basket, snack tray, and so on.

I love the bold red color of the Chicco Fuego collection.

We need your help! What is your opinion and which travel system do you have?


Turley Times said...

I am 33 wks along and we just bought our travel system today. I did a ton of research and it's a hard decision because everyone has differing opinions! We considered a Chicco but ultimately decided against one. I was reading a review on Amazon about the "wings" on either side of the stroller near the head. Evidently it creates a very narrow space in the shoulder area and depending on how fast and big your baby grows, he could outgrow the stroller long before outgrowing it weight-wise if he can't fit between the wings on the stroller sides (evidently they are not removable). Also, we wanted to make sure to get a car seat that had a weight limit of at least 30 pounds so our baby doesn't outgrow it quickly. They say a baby typically weighs three times as much at 12 months as they did when they were born. So if you give birth to an 8-lb baby, he will probably weigh about 24 lbs at 12 months, and would have already outgrown a 22-lb car seat. Then you are having to buy a different car seat before they even turn 1. Chicco sells 30-lb travel systems but they are more expensive and a little harder to find (at least it was for us). We ended up selecting the Eddie Bauer Trailmaker travel system from Target (it's out of stock on target.com but you can see what it looks like and see the specs/reviews). I think it is a great system for the price and the car seat has a 35-lb weight limit (the stroller weight limit is 50 lbs) so hopefully it will last us a long time.

One more thing - the Graco Alano Flipit was selected as "best travel system" in one of the baby magazines I read, but we tried pushing it around Target and it's really hard to maneuver when you're pushing it backwards because it still has two stationary wheels. So when it's "flipped" it's really hard to turn. It sounded like a great idea in theory but it was a pain to push around!

Sorry for my rambling but I hope this helps!


Lesley, Dennis, Landon, and Natalee "Lou" said...

We had/have the Quinny system. It uses the Mico Cosi Carseat. What I liked about this system is that the stroller is an an "all-wheel" drive stroller that grows with the child. The infant car seat can snap into the stroller if you want. When Lou was an infant we used the bassinet for going to the zoo and visiting family. Now we use the sling/regular seat attachment. This is a European style stroller but I found it handles the best and once I found a great deal on ebay it was a steal. We had the Graco travel system with Landon and I hated the stroller! It was heavy, hard to push, and a pain to load into the car (IMO). Of course that was 2005, so they may be better now. Dennis has the Chicco stroller and we like the way it handles as well.
Owls are my fav, love the theme btw!

Anonymous said...

I was VERY picky on my stroller with Adeline and I thought the frame on the Chicco was not built very good at all. I think it is all talk and not very well built. I like Graco but look at all the different models they have. The flip-it models have small baskets. The passenger, stylus and metro lite models don't seem sturdy. I found the Quattro tour models are really well made. Also when you fold them down watch to see what hits the ground. Every time I folded my Evenflo stroller down the tray scraped the ground and tore it up. On my Graco all 4 wheels stay on the ground and it is super easy to do one handed with a baby on my hip. If you want to spend the money on one, Phil and Ted makes an AWESOME stroller and the B.O.B.stroller is great too. I doubt they come in travel systems though.
You may want to look at the Peg Perego ones. They do come in travel systems. I promise you, don't go cheap (as in cheaply made not inexpensive)on this. They WILL NOT last you for more than one child. Usually the more you spend the more likely it will last or at least that is what I have found (and I have owned 7 strollers).

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