Pre-Baby Purchase

Sometimes, I guess a pre-baby purchase isnt for the baby at all =)

Matt loves mountain biking. He received two bikes from his Uncle Rick a few months back, but both were a bit small for him. He has wanted a new bike FOREVER, but just one problem....
expensive. These aren't mountain bikes that you find at Walmart or such (believe me, I tried that route).

I wanted him to have a new bike, because that is what he loves to do. It just scared me to spend that kind of money especially since we found out that Levi was on his way and with everything that we needed to get for him.

Matt decided that he would sell some of his toys, that he was no longer using and use the money for a new bike.

About 6 months ago, he sold a keyboard and a guitar. That money was used for something else ( We cant remember what now)

2 months ago, he sold his drumset, and that money was used to pay off Home Depot and to use it for an upcoming trip.

And last weekend, he sold aome golf clubs and 1 of his mountain bikes ( not the ones from his uncle, but the first one he bought). I was determined not to let anything else come up so that he could get himself a new bike. Thankfully, he got what he was asking for the items, so I was excited for him. Then, I began praying for a great deal on a bike that would last him awhile. One that had all the criteria that he wanted.

I know after typing all of this, that it would have been simpler for him to just go get the bike, but I think he is very happy with his purchase and the deal that he got.

I am so thankful for Matt, and I dont want things to change once the baby comes for him. I want him to still be able to do the things he loves, it just may be in moderation.

So....with everything thats going to change in the next couple of months,
I think this was a much needed thing for Matt!

He always says yes, to anything and everything that I want or need, I need to learn to do the same for him.

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