Baby Registery Must Haves

Matt and I are registering tommorrow and I am SUPER excited.
I wanted to wait until spring time so all the new stuff would be out.

I thought I would post some of the things that I am registering for. With the help of my SIL's 5 page 1000 word email that listed any and everything that we might need, I think Matt and I are all set.

Well....we got to get Levi here first, but want him to be ready of course!

Cloth Diapers
My SIL has taught me alot about cloth diapers as well as YHL and BowerPower, and of course after reading reviews on how much money you can save and how enviromentally friendly it is. I am all in.
I am also planning on breastfeeding, so if that happens to fall through, at least we will save on diapers, yes?

At a cost of around $400,
You can get 18 one size diapers
 (Which will make it a every other day wash cycle instead of everyday)
2 Wetbags
Laundry Detergent
Ammonia Booster

I know that is alot up front but it will save us $2,000.00 for this child alone. Not to mention we can use them if we decide to have more children. Gasp, I hope Matt isnt reading =)

I have read reviews and re-read them time and time again. I have decided on the Angel Care monitors ($149) for a number of reasons.

1.) Reviews: You cant deny them.Especially since 400+ are 4 stars.
2.) It shows them temperature of the room. I have read that SIDS are more likely to happen in an unstable temperature set room.
3.) Motion Detector: As a first time mom and not knowing what to expect, it will help me have peace of mind. I know some of you probably dont worry that much, but I do, so I am going for peace of mind.
4.) Dual Receivers: We have a 2-story home so it just makes sense.
I want Levi to be able to sleep in his crib from Day #1, so Matt and I and Azul will move up to the guest bedroom upstairs for 3-4 months.

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper ($59.99)

Recommended by my SIL, this will come in handy for keeping Levi higher off the ground away from Azul and also its great for acid reflux if he happens to suffer from it. I like the print thet have at Target better, but they are always out of stock.

Diaper Sprayer
With us cloth diapering, I am investing in a diaper sprayer. It self explanes itself really.
 Why dunk when you dont have to right?

Diaper Bag

As I posted here, about a diaper bag that I was in love with (Still Am), I came to my senses and realized that it probably wouldnt work. I need storage for my sanity. I need pockets for things. I need insulated pockets, and cuteness, and biggness. I still wanted it to be cute and I found this one and it has wonderful reviews, has all the requirements, and can expand. It can also fit on the back of the stroller.


Expandable center makes bag 20% larger!
Hangs neatly on a stroller & can be worn over the shoulder
Non-skid stroller straps fit on any stroller
Cushioned changing pad
BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free
Two roomy, insulated bottle pockets & handy front zip phone pocket
Eleven pockets, secure zip-top closure
Soft, lightweight material; water-resistant lining
Contrasting lining makes it easy to find what you need
Dimensions (inches): 13 wide (expands to 16.5) x 14 high x 4 deep

The Travel System:
Chicco: Fuego Collection

I LOVE the bold colors of this travel system. And again back to the reviews of things...you can't deny them.
The stay in car base looks and appears to be made better than others and that makes it more appealing. It also has great features as well that my SIL suggested. I think I will take her advise over anyone elses.

Sleepy Wrap:
My SIL bought Levi me this for Christmas and I simply cant wait to hold my precious baby so snuggly and safely.

So that is just some of the things that will make its way onto our baby registry. I know that this list just begins to scratch the surface.

Any must haves for you? Please Tell!

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Anonymous said...

One thing that I didn't put on the "big list" was a sound machine. We have used it so much with all 3 kids and even pack it for when we go on vacays too. It drowns out noises from the house (boys, door bells, barking dogs etc...) and I think it helps them fall asleep in noisy places and not be a sensitive sleeper, all three of mine slept through noise especially A!
I wish I would have had the Angel Care monitor for A. Since she had the breathing issue at first that would have been a lot nicer than losing sleep while staring at her all night.
IN all seriousness, I would have used the rock and play in place of the bouncer. She liked it better and was able to use it for just as long, plus it folds up and makes for easy take and go! She grew out of it (and by grew out I mean started trying to sit herself up in it) around 5 months old.
Have fun registering!

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