Nursery Progress: Bookcase

We did change ours up a bit from this pic found on Ana's White Blog

Once again, we couldnt have completed this without our helper 

I didnt take step by step pics, because we were working on a bunch of projects at one time.

We built ours for $30.00!
We did have a couple of pieces of lumber on hand, so this project would probably cost around $50 to build.

Here is Pottery Barn's Version for $119.00

I went and got a couple color swatches from Olympic No VOC paint. I wanted to match it to the birds in the mural.

The winner was Suddenly Saphire

Here it is prepped for painting

After 1 coat of paint.

2 Coats

Completed and Bolted to the wall to prevent any toddlers from pulling it down on top of them.
We need more books =)

I really love how everything is coming together.

Next Up: Photo Wall


Anna said...

I have had my eye on that Pottery Barn bookshelf for awhile now, but I think your's looks just as good. You guys need to teach us a few things in the construction department!

Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna said...

Oops, the deleted comment was me. It posted twice for some reason :)

Anonymous said...

I have plenty. of. books for Levi! PLENTY! I will make an attempt to go through them and pass some on down.
Looks wonderful! I really want to see the whole room in person.

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