28 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 28 Weeks! 7 Months! Third and Final Trimester!!!

Size of baby: Chinese Cabbage (2 1/4lbs, 15" Head to Heel)

Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs

Gender: Precious Baby Boy: Levi Maddox

Movement: Levi has been moving alot all day long and the kicks are getting stronger. I can see my whole stomach move when he kicks and moves.

Cravings: Food =)

What I miss: Sleeping on my Back or Stomach

What I am Loving:
That the Nursery is 90% FINISHED! Just a few more accesories
I have never had more clearer skin than I do right now. Yay!

Getting tough to sleep comfortably, not sleeping well.

I heard back from the cardiologist, luckily, nothing serious in wrong. PTL! I do have some irregular beats but its caused by the extra blood that my heart is pumping and stress on on the arteries. On another positice note, my back has stopped hurting so bad, Levi must have changed positions.

Best moment of the week and weeks past:
Knowing that I have 12 Weeks or sooner until I see and meet Levi
and 7 weeks until my new title will be SAHM!

What I am looking forward to:
June 2011
Baby Showers
4D Ultrasound 04/07/11
Dr. Appt Thur, not looking forward to the glucose test =(

I thought 7 months qualified for the special parking privileges at Schnucks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love those parking spots, but as wonderful as they are when your pregnant they are even better when you have a new baby and it is 100 degrees outside!
These next few weeks are going to F.L.Y. by and I am not even kidding!
It seems like yesterday that I was telling the boys they had 12 weeks until they met their sister and now she is 8 months old! I hate it goes by so fast!
I can't wait until we get to spend the day together at the zoo with our babies.....so much fun!

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