Nursery Progress: The Mural

The Mural is finished. YAY!

We got started Saturday (5th) and worked about 2 hours on it, mainly to get an idea of what we were doing. We also worked on it for about 1 hour Sunday and we finally finished it this past Saturday.

Here is what it looked like once we unpackaged it.
Yep! I started to sweat a little =)

We had to cut out each branch, 50+ leaves, birds and owls.

Measuring and Scoping out where to put the trees

Temporary placement of trees

One tired or bored puppy

The first Tree going up

The first completed tree (without leaves or details)

3 trees: Yes! The middle tree is supposed to lean. =)

Close up view

All of the trees completed.
We still had to add leaves, birds and owls

The Mural: Completed

Close Up

An Owl

Another View.

And when we were all finished....I certainly felt like this!

And to sum up our experience:
Time Consuming but pretty easy.
 I am glad that we didnt end up having to paint and still have a pretty awesome focal wall.

What do you think?

This was our one "splurge" for the room ($115). You gotta have at least one, right???

Anyhow, even with the splurge we are still on budget, well, maybe a little over. =)

Up Next: Bookcase

Smiley Face Pic found HERE.


Lesley, Dennis, Landon, and Natalee "Lou" said...

Love it! Of course I am partial to owls! Love the modern appeal as well! Great job!!!

Anna said...

I love this. I wish they had these stick on murals when my kids were little, I do not have the artistic ability to paint a mural :)

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