Nursery Progress: Picture Wall

I wanted to make a picture wall for Levi's room with some special pictures and quotes that were special to Matt and I.

I started out with all kinds of frames, different finishes and sizes. Mostly, I took them from around my house. So the total for this project was $3.27 (The cost of Spray Paint)

I started with an arrangement but it didnt end up this way.

Here are the frames and a couple of mats that needed to be spray painted.

After one coat


Then I started to rearrange everthing, and I finally chose this one.

Since all the frames were dufferent, they all hung up differently. We started with the middle pic, then arranged as we went.

Here are what the pics are:

Another View

Full wall view.
I like how we have tons of space left on that wall to add more photos, childrens art, and other momentos.

I noticed that the photos on the bottom left were too far away from the others. I corrected it. =)


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Kelly said...

The nursery looks great--the photo wall adds such a personal touch! I absolutely love the Azul siloutte!

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