Blogging Break...except Tuesday =)

Ok. I am finally at that point where I am tired and worn out. I am still working full time and doing hair on Tuesdays until 8:30 or so. I work for an insurance company in the claims department and with the 7+ storm dates that have occured throughout Memphis and surrounding cities in the last month, we have never been busier. Add in the impending flood that is already wreaking havoc on peoples homes, its going to take everything in me to finish out these next 3 weeks. I am just so tired. So, with the exception of my weekly update on Tuesday's, I will be back the first week in June as a SAHM, oh my goodness, I can not wait. Hopefully I can post all of the things in my archive (there are too many to count, I just have zero time for extra stuff right now)

I'll be back soon!


P.S. I wanted to say thank you to my sweet husband for my mother to be gift of this awesome flipcam. He is just too good. Can not wait to film Levi and all of our adventures together!!!

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