False Alarm

Well, I now know what contractions feel like on a minor scale.

Last night, about 8:30pm, I started to feel crampy but didnt think much about it, then I decided I should time them. They were 6-7 min apart. At this point, I didnt tell Matt, I wanted to wait it out awhile and see what happened. About 11:30, I finally woke Matt up and told him what was happening and that now they were roughly 5 min apart. We live about 40 min away, so I prayed about it and knew I should at least get checked out.

We arrived at the hospital at 12:30ish and was hooked up to monitors to check Levi's heartbeat and my contractions. The sweet nurse, Ashley =), confirmed that I was having contractions about every 2 min at this point, whew! I felt better that I wasnt imagining things. They continued to monitor me for about 1 hr to 1 1/2 and my contractions were anywhere from 2-7 min, very inconsistant. So, they called the on-call doctor and she monitored them from home (so cool) and I was told to go home, that it was pre-labor. I was fine with it, because it gave Matt and I the opportunity to see how everything will go, sort-of.

The doctor and nurse gave us good news about Levi, and said that he handled the contractions wonderfully. That was a blessing.

I was told to drink lots of water, which I have done good until that day. I had 3 glasses of caffeinated drinks yesterday and hardly any water. The nurse said this is common when its hot out and late in pregnancy, dehydration could cause contractions.

I am home today resting and I have a dr. appt tommorrow, so we will see.
I am still crampy with some contractions as of now, but still inconsistant.

Say a prayer for Matt, Levi and me, please. I thank you in advance!


Anonymous said...

Yay I am getting so excited to meet him! This means just a little bit closer to me holding him and giving him his present.

Kelly said...

Ashlee... I've been so excited for you guys... You've done great and been so positive along the way. It's been fun riding along with nursery make-over and seeing your pics as you progress. Wish you and Matt the best! Get some rest... and Take care!


Anna said...

How exciting! We will get to meet Levi any day now!

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