Levi's Room Reveal and Budget Breakdown

Levi's Room has been finished for awhile, but I wanted to wait and post pictures until it had more of a baby feel with all kinds of toys, more books, and baby gear added.

Here is the view as you walk in

To the left as you walk in.

The mural and DIY bookcase which has now been filled with books =)

DIY Storage Chest, Picture Wall, Baby Cds, toys, etc

DIY owl curtains, bumbo, rock and play sleeper, Glider/Ottoman

The Budget Breakdown!
I had originally wanted to stay under $600, and we didnt do bad.
Here is how it all broke down

Crib $139.00
Mattress $73.00
Crib Sheet $10.91
DIY Crib Skirt/Pillow/Blanket Fabric $30.25
Mural $115.00 (***Gotta have a Splurge***)
Glider/Ottoman $50.00
(Bought from In-Laws)
DIY Bookshelf $20.00
 DIY Storage Chest $70.00
Storage Cubes $42.00
DIY Curtains $31.00
Curtain Rings/Rod $10.00 (40% off at Hobby Lobby)
Heat N Bond/Velcro $8.00
Stain/Sandpaper/Brushes $25.00
Screws $5.00
Paint for Bookshelf $10.91
Spray Paint for Picture Frames $3.27 (On Sale at Hobby Lobby)
Letters and Scrapbook Paper $8.02 (On Sale at Hobby Lobby)
Ribbon $1.09
Light Dimmer $5.00

Grand Total $657.44
And thats including the crib, mattress, and two pieces of furniture that Matt and I built!!! You could spend that alone on the crib. YAY!

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