Monday Memories: 4 Weeks!

You are 4 weeks old!

*You are taking 2 1/2 -3 oz of formula every 3 hours
*You sleep very well at nighttime in your rock and play sleeper
*You coo'd for the first time Friday 07/22/11
*You have really taken to the swing lately
*We tried putting you on your tummy to sleep, and you woke up 10 min later
*I absolutely love it when you stretch after waking up....it is the.cutest.thing.ever!
*I have started calling you "Levi Man" I'm not sure where that came from but I keep saying it
*You had your first bath on Tuesday 07/19/2011 and you liked it and the lotion massage afterwards
*When you are finished eating, you go on "lock down" mode with your lips. Its so Funny
*You are holding your head up really well and can move your head from side to side
*We had to try Gripe Water with you because you are sooooo gassy. Its the way you take your bottles and you just gulp air. We have tried the wider bottle from Dr. Brown and Playtex Nursers, and we are sticking with the wider bottle from Dr. Brown
*You had two bad days this week, I guess its from you being so gassy. One day, you didnt sleep at all and the next you slept all day long and wouldnt eat much and would ONLY sleep in the sleepy wrap next to mommy. I enjoyed it though I didnt get a proper shower in two straight days =)
*We went back to church on Wednesday night....first time for mommy and daddy in nearly 2 years
*You are taking your pacifier very well

4 Weeks

Daddy and Me

Calm and Happy Levi after his first bath

Lock Down Mode!

Tummy Time

You are just too Sweet!

Mommy, Azul and You

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Anonymous said...

Everyday I think I can't love him more and then you send me another picture and my heart bursts even more. Thanks for making me an aunt and Tim and uncle! It is the best!!!

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