1 Month!

Levi, I can't believe that you are a month old already....that is just nuts! I got the idea to take a monthly pic with the same stuffed animal every month to compare how big your baby is getting.
Thanks Angelia for the idea!

 You all remember the Blue Dog right??

I have decided to do monthly pics instead of weekly ones. It works better for me right now. I will try to still update on a weekly basis on the blog. I do keep a written journal so I will definitely keep that updated!

Pray for my little man, we started him on Prevacid for reflux, so I pray this helps him to feel better!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He looks soo tall! Love his little cloth diaper peeking out of his onesie which BTW is way too cute with 1 month on it.
Did you photoshop that? How is cloth diapering going?
Give him hugs and kisses from Tim and I (and his cousins too)

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