Monday Memories: One Week Old!

You are one week old today! Crazy!!!!

  • You weigh about 8 lbs 9oz (as of Thurs 06/30/2011)
  • You are taking between 2oz and 2 1/2oz of formula every 3 hours during the day and like to stay up at night =)
  • Today is your first holiday
  • You and Azul seemed to be adjusting well together
  • You seem to like your sleepy wrap, which I love to have you so close
  • You enjoy car rides
  • Your daddy is so proud of you, I love to hear him talk and hold you
  • You are so chunky.....everywhere!
  • I am still sad about me giving up on breastfeeding you too soon, its not like your mommy to do such a thing, but you were hungry. You have been doing great on your formula though. I praise the Lord for an easy transition.

Thank you for a wonderful week with my Levi. He is just so perfect and I cant wait until he wakes up from naps just so I can hold him. You made him so special and perfect for Matt and I. I can not thank you enough for seeing us through every moment of everyday and look forward to many blessings as a family.

Air finally got to him! Look at the distance he made. Hehe!

Mommy and Me

Levi and Azul

Grandma and Me

Milk Mustache

Here are some photos that Levi's Aunt Lindsey took of him. I want to cry everytime I look at them. So incredibly cute ans sweet.

One of my favorites

 I love this photo. It just has the most perfect meaning of love and family!

I love how he has his "blue" dog onesie on.

He is just too sweet!

He is so tiny!


Turley Times said...

I just wanted to say that I had to give up on nursing really early, too...my daughter was basically being starved the first several days of her life because we were having problems. I pumped for awhile but it was hard to keep up and she's eating all formula now (3 months old). I definitely didn't plan for it to be that way and I still have some sadness and guilt about it, but it was what I had to do for her health. Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone!! Levi is absolutely adorable...I can't get over those chunky cheeks.


Morrell Memoirs said...

He's so precious Ashlee! Congratulations!

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