A few things that I've learned...

  • You eat when you can. No more dinners with Matt at the same table at the same time....at least for right now. I have eaten lunch at 9:30am the last couple of mornings. Thats when I've had the time. As far as dinner, it sits in the microwave for awhile until Levi is situated =)
  • Babies Cry. Thats how they communicate with you. So as far as crying in public, people can GET.OVER.IT. (I'm not talking excessive crying here) Its just like toddlers who are whiny and keep yelling at the parents "I'm Hungry!" or " I want this!"                                                            ****I can say this because I used to be the one who was annoyed****
  • Showers make you feel human again!
  • Breastfeeding may have been the hardest thing that I have tried as a new mother, but bottle feeding is equally as tough (in a sense) Just think about all the bottles that need cleaning, formula that you have to buy, toting everything around when you go out, getting it all ready, making sure its the right temperature, finding the right bottle.                                                  You could have just whipped it out and been done with it =)
  • Cloth diapers are awesome. Not so scary after all. In a few more weeks, we will have saved the money used to buy the cloth diapers in the first place. BTW, Happy Heinys are great. You just wash in hot water with Tide, and tumble dry, then restuff!
  • Some expensive baby gear sometimes isnt worth it. I HATE my Angel Care Monitors! Hate them. They do not work correctly and always give false alarms and have static and I just Hate them. Lessoned learned!
  • Having a child later is great! Especially if you have a SIL who has 3 kiddos and passes everything down to you, has great advice, is a phone call away and is head over heels for her nephew!!

So thats it....for now. Many more lessons to learn!


Turley Times said...

Agree with you re: bottle feeding. It is nice that my husband can do feedings though :)

Do you know what frequency your monitor uses? We had a 2.4 ghz monitor that was always super staticy and interfered with our wireless router. Then it flat-out broke so we had to buy a new one - we switched to a 900 mhz monitor and it is GREAT and there is no static/problems with our router. That might explain your static. We have the Summer Day and Night video monitor and LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

One day you will have family dinners again....can't say they will be the same or even peaceful...there is always a child dropping something or spilling something.

I am beyond thrilled to hand out as much advice as I can. It thrills me to no end...seriously! I always get excited to see your name come across my cell phone so I get to here how my sweet Levi is doing!

I just told Tim yesterday that I am finally at the point with Adeline that I can get a shower everyday. It took a year for that!

Just wait until you have someone who has no earthly idea what they are talking about, give you their advice about wearing your baby. I always was super annoyed by them!

Morrell Memoirs said...

Levi is getting so big already! Love seeing his pictures! He's such a cutie! Isn't being a Mom the BEST thing in the world?!! I LOVE it! I can tell you're loving it too!

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