19 Weeks! [ Alot of Close-Ups}

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Levi is always making different faces!

I love this pic. It was a nasty weather day out and it was like he was telling me, "Mom, why are we out in this cold weather?"

Well, we were out to fill our Holiday Food bag for the needy. My cart was so full, I was just hoping nothing fell on him. Oh yeah, and after I loaded all the groceries back in the cart, there was no room for Levi ( I wasnt thinking)  SO I was holding all 15 lbs of him + 5lbs of Carseat in one hand with my purse, and his diaper bag, and pushing the cart with the other hand in the wind =) It was funny!

I signed Levi up for a free Kindermusik class. He enjoyed it. We are just weighing the option whether to sign him up in the spring or not. We are going back tommorrow and next week for some more preview classes before we make our choice.

His poor nose is all scratched up from his nails. I can not keep them short enough. They have a free edge every other day.

Rolling Over

His new funny face.
Seriously had Matt and I almost peeing our pants the other night. Who needs any other type of Friday night entertainment?

Kid watching at church before going to the nursery

Levi LOVES to read. He always grabs the book!

I might be taking Levi to the Dr tommorrow for a posible ear infection. He started not taking his bottles again today and was really fussy and DID NOT NAP WELL today either.

His sleeping ( or lack of) is going to make me pull my hair out, well what doesnt already fall out in the shower =)


Unknown said...

His facial expressions crack me up! Love that boy!

Unknown said...

What a cutie! I cannot believe how fast he is growing!

Turley Times said...

We really love Kindermusik. It is good bonding time for Claire and me and I think the music on the CD and the instruments you get with the classes are very high quality. I don't think you would regret signing up!


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