20 Weeks! {and a sick baby}


We had to take Levi to the dr for an ear infection =( and I decided to just carry him inside and not take in the carseat. I had to use the restroom but had no where to put him. OOPS!

He doesnt feel good here

Lazy Man's Tummy Time

I was eating a salad the other day and I looked up to Levi giving me this face, I thought it was funny!

His feet are his favorite toy right now

Waking up!

Yes, he is in our bed. Yes, he ends up there every night. Yes, he and I both sleep better.
Yes, Matt and I are in agreement about co-sleeping. Yes, we know we are creating a nasty habit. We will cross that bridge when we get there.
As far as I see it, people are always telling me that they grow up to fast so enjoy these moments. SO I am. I love snuggle time with my little guy!
He does start every night in his crib (or rock n play while he is sick with a cold) so I am hoping he eventually starts sleeping there longer

Looks like we have a teether, even the dr said he is showing signs

LOVES to pull his socks off

He has such a beautiful face!

Levi can not get enough of Azul. He just stares and watches him every day.

Azul is SLOWLY letting Levi touch him

I gave Levi a insy teensy bit of Banana. Doesnt look like he was a fan. Looks like we may wait til 6 months after all. He just isnt ready in my opinion

I think we have sucessfully switched Levi's formula to Enfamil Prosobee ($15 a can) from  Similac Alimentum ($28 a can). Its hard to tell since he doesnt feel well, but he doesnt show signs of stomach discomfort.


Unknown said...

So glad the formula is doing great for you guys. Yay for a cheaper formula!
BTW the nurses behind the checkout desk will happily hold your baby for you while you go to the bathroom. They have done so for me before and it was a lot easier.

Unknown said...

Oh and Adeline hates bananas (or most fruits) to this day. She did much better with veggies. Just a thought...it never hurts to wait if you feel it's better though.

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