6 Months ! {Yesterday}

Happy 1/2 Birthday Sweet Levi! I cant believe your 6 months Old!!!!

Here is what you have been up to:
* You can sit up very well and have been for 2 weeks now!
* You have your 3rd double ear infection
*You weigh 17lbs, 9.5 oz
*You have tried Squash, Prunes, Carrots, Peas, Pears, Green Beans, Peaches, Avocado and YoBaby Peach Yogurt (this morning, we gave you this to offset the effects of your antibiotic)
*You love food. Your favorite "word" right now is "Mmmmmmm"
*You are still waking 4-5x a night but sleep in your room most of the night now. (In the Rock N Play.....STILL)
*You can pick up toys and pass them from hand to hand
*You are mostly in 6-9 month clothes
*You love to play with Mommy's hair
*You still love to watch Azul
* You look up at Daddy as he prays for you every night
*You are NOT a good medicine taker, except your prevacid, you suck it right down =)
*You are one handsome, adorable, squealer, smiley, kicky, lovable, smart, precious, deep thinker/concentrator and talkative boy!!!!

Months 1-5

Months 1-5

Oh...and just for fun, this was 6 months ago!

SO Precious.

I dont deserve to be so blessed.

Thank you Jesus!

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