29 Weeks

Not many pics this week because of my slobbery little boy. He was playing with my phone the other day and when I got it back from him, it was dripping wet. It doesnt work very well right now and my camera doesnt work on it and 99.9999% of the pics on my blog are from my camera.

We got home later than usual one night and I found him conked out like this =)

I dont know why I left his hat on

The day my cell phone died.

First day trying Mango

It took him a minute, but then he did this =)

I have LOVED making his food. He has tried squash, peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, avocado, pumpkin, mango, apples, peaches, prunes, pears! This week we are moving on to meats. Pureed Chicken........GROSS!

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Unknown said...

That mango picture cracks me up! He must love the mangos :) and pureed Chicken.... oh that sounds so gross! I love the picture of him in his big boy carseat. Does he like it? Adeline still doesn't fill that beast up yet so I know we can use it for a good long time.

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