Chicken, Blueberries and Tigger Oh My!

Levi tried pureed chicken the other day. He was not a fan. Can you blame him?
This was his reaction

What is this?

Gag and yes it came back up =)

Give me something to wash this nasty-ness out of my mouth


stop taking pics mom

He also tried Blueberries
thankfully they went over a lot better

Thinking about it

hmmm, this is good.
I would like some more


He had on these adorable pjs that had a tiger on them and I remembered that I had some Tigger house shoes that I were his size and I put them on him.

He is watching Qubo.

Trying to get them off

He succeeded.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Adeline loves looking at your blog full of Levi pictures. She sits says "LaLa" to every single picture! I can't blame Levi on the chicken...that is so gross. My sugestion...tiny bites that he can pick up and eat himself. Just a thought.

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