7 Months!

Levi, you are 7 Months old.

Its hard to believe that only a year ago yesterday (26th) we were finding out that you were a boy.
I remember that day so clearly. Seeing how big you were and how everything was progressing was awesome! I remember thinking that being able to see your vertabrae on your spine was pretty cool. How fearfully wonderfully you are made my sweet Levi man!

You are overflowing with personality.

*You have this new face when you are trying to figure something out or if you are excited.
(You can see him making this face in both of his 7 month Pics)
* You are sleeping sooooo much better. Praise Jesus
(Everyone please Thank the Lord on our behalf...seriously!)
*You are still in your Rock n Play, however, the time is drawing near for you to be in the crib
*You are eating 5 1/2oz every 3-3.5 hrs with one MOTN bottle around 2a
*You take 2 naps a day, and can stay up for 3 hrs or so. The last stretch of the day is about 4 hrs, since you refuse to take a catnap about 4pm
*You love bath time. We have started to give you a bath every night, although we only bathe you once every 3 days.
*You HATE bubbles in your bath. You start to kick and scream when they come near you. Its actually funny.
*You are doing well self feeding with crackers. You cant figure out puffs just yet.
*You know daddy's voice and know what direction to look for him when he gets home. It is so adorable!

We have chosen a theme for your 1st bday party so Mommy is ready to start DIYing some things here and there! I think your 1st bday is going to be a HUGE!
And your 2nd, 3rd , 4th  until you start school will be just family and close friends!

We love you sweet boy!


Unknown said...

I think I say this every month but I can't believe he is already 7 months old. Love his cute facial expressions. Sweet Sweet Boy!

christieworkman said...

so sweet! I love his faces...he is extremely expressive! What a cutie -pa- tootie!

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