30, 31, and 32 weeks!

Ok, here are 3 weeks of Levi pics for ya!
and even with 38 pics I am still one week behind...

He loves the laundry basket and here he is with them fresh from the dryer. The problem is, he had a runny nose and I had to re-wash some from dried snot on them =)

Passed out one day after running errands with Mommy and Daddy

Beautiful Smile, Levi Man


His new excited face

Refusing a nap, I even tried him on his tummy.
This pic is proof for A. Lindsey that we have tried! He doesnt like being on his tummy

Bath Time with Azul

Play Time

FInally made the switch to the crib. 7 Months was long enough in the rock and play!

Stroller Ride

Beautiful Blue Eyes!

Shopping at Lowe's. The baskets were huge and he loves looking over the side but hated when he couldnt get back up so I propped him up with the diaper bag and my coupon binder.

Smiley Boy!

Play time with Azul, although by the way Azul is looking at Levi, he wasnt quite into it

New Funny Face

Levi defintely knows whp his daddy is. He turns to his voice and knows where to look for him at the the end of the day. He spotted Matt on our computer

Blue eyes like his daddy

Shouldve cropped me out of this one =)

He hates when you take his juice away but otherwise he would drink it all

Staring at Mommy while she is crying her eyes out. I had a BAD morning at my weekly Bible Study a few weeks ago and I was trying to get.it.together.

Once we got home, We took these pics.

Torturing Azul


Love my Toes

Blowing Bubbles with Azul

Sweet Smile

Standing so tall! and of course he is displaying his new funny face =)

Having fun with Mom's new phone

We were asked to give a pic of our while family for our church's ;ife group, but I didnt like any of the ones we had together, so I turned to photobucket and created one. Cute huh?

Ok, Levi is 33 weeks today so hopefully I can post those pics soon!

I'm off to take a nap!


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Unknown said...

Adeline kissed the screen at least 5 times looking at Levi. She also can say "Ashlee" really good now.

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