8 Months

Handsome Levi,
you are 8 Months old!

Here are some things about you this month....
  • You are FINALLY in your crib. Your daddy and I put you in there cold turkey right after you turned 7 months. We have made it quite comfy in there for you including a small stuffed animal, your twilight turtle, and a water machine from Grandma Judi.
  • You weigh approx 20lbs by mommy's guess. You are a chunk =)
  • You have 2 teeth that you just got that have broken the gums but are not all the way up.
  • You are doing great at self feeding with bigger things such as Gerber Crunchies and Cherrios.
  • You are a pro at your sippy cup and boy do you hate it when we have to take it away.
  • You are sleeping sooooo much better! You go right to sleep about 7:30 and wake up between
  • 3-4a , then we do have do go up and give you your paci and you sleep until 7a
  • You moved up a class in the church nursery
  • You capture anyone and everyone's attention when we are out and about
  • You really love daddy and smile sooo big when he comes home, and of course you are still head over heels for Azul.
  • You like any dog really
  • You take 2 naps a day
  • We have also dropped night feedings, woohoo!
  • You are so full of personality its crazy!
  • Your nanny and papa got you a zoo membership and we are so looking forward to many zoo days to come!

Levi Man,
Daddy and Mommy love you so much and you have forever changed us for the better. We pray every night and day for your safety and your health. We also pray that one day you will become a Child of God and seek his will for your life from that day forward. Thank you sweet boy for being who you are and for making mommy slow herself down and really enjoy her days with you. We love you!

Other Favorites and Some Out Takes

This one was soooo close at making the cut, Love his smile and that wrinkled nose!

His sympathetic look

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Unknown said...

20 pounds! Adeline is only 25 pounds....surely he doesn't weigh that much. He is such a cutie and has so many facial expressions.

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