10 Months!

Is he a cutie?

He was sooo hard to get to sit still today. I would get one pic then he was off crawling so this was the best one out of 60.

Update on Levi
  • He is into so much right now, its hard for me to type without him grabbing at everything in his sight =)
  • He is taking 4 bottles during the day and trying to get him down to 3
  • He sleeps any which way he wants to lately...back, side, tummy, face in blankets, etc.
  • He is eating 3 meals and some snacks in between. I am trying to get him taking more finger food but he is very picky and does not like meat AT ALL.
  • He is crawling everywhere and is getting very fast
  • He still takes 2 naps a day
  • He loves to read, take walks, be outside, play with Azul, see Daddy walk through the door, club crackers, bathtime (hates getting lotion on)
  • He is starting to recognize people more and more.
  • We still call you "Levi Man" all the time
  • He has learned to sit himself back him from being on his tummy
    This last month flew by, I seriously remember typing out his 9month upate just yesterday.
He is so sweet!
He is getting dedicated Sunday so I plan to post pics next week of that special occasion!
A few other Pics:

And he is off....

Round 2

And he is off again....

Love this picture

61 days until his big 1yr Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

He is such a cutie! Just thought I would let you know that Adeline wouldn't eat meat at all while she was teething so you might keep trying and he may get better. It was a few months that she would barely eat meat and we just relied on cheese and her formula at that time for her protein. Dr. Z wasn't concerned as long as it didn't hurt her growth and it clearly didn't. :)

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