43 Weeks and an Outdoor Photo Shoot

Helping Mommy fold and stuff diapers!

Trying some Cheese

Azul and Nanny Lou

Levi and Nanny Lou

" If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands"

We had just gotten home from running errands and Azul was not happy about it and didnt want the ride to be over with. He absolutely loves car rides!

Baby Push up

Experiencing Jello

He loved it, and couldnt put it in his mouth fast enough!

Doesn't Levi look like the character from the UP movie. He cracks me up with this face!

Playing with Azul

Sitting so Tall and Handsome

I am making Levi a Birthday banner with all his monthly pics. His 1st birthday is going to be a shark themed party so this banner has a shark bite out of it =)

It was a nice bright day out the other day and Levi's eyes were so blue so we took some photos

Claping his hands

Bright Outside, sweet picture of him

Love his crossed feet, he does this alot through out the day

He has learned to point at things.
Sunday when we dropped him off at the nursery, he was pointing at Whitaker, a boy in his class. Matt and I laughingly appologized that we hadn't taught him that pointing was rude. The nursery workers laughed!

We have this thing where I say "buzzzz" and he points and touches my finger.

He is done sitting in the chair

Lets play with grass now

What does Azul have?

Lets point and touch Azul (Notice his finger)

He has started to crawl to me and want in my lap.
SIGH, so stinkin cute!

Wrinkly Nose Old Man Face Again. Do you see it?


Levi and I are best friends and I couldn't be more blessed than to spend the day with him everyday.


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