47, 48, and 49 Weeks! {Pictures Galore}

Playing in his room

Matt lowering Levi's Crib

Matt's dad gave Matt a set of drums and Levi was trying them out. He likes the drum sticks the best!

So Big!

Discovered the Wipes

Started pulling up
{3 weeks ago}

Cute Profile Pic

Fell asleep with his head under the covers......for 2 hours.
Scared me =(

Enjoying some post it notes at Nanny's Work

Crawling off with Monkey trying to play keep away from Azul

Outside Play

Pulling Sadie's Hair {Inlaws Dog}

Big 1 yr Shirts that I made.
The one on the left is for our "Cake Smash" Photo Shoot =)
The Shark one is for his bday party

Memorial Day Fun

Loves drinking pool/bath water....and gagging on it too

Snot Nose

New Facination with the stairs
{Must Keep Gate Closed}

Sweet Smile!

When I get out of the Shower each day, Azul loves to get in there and lick up the water. Levi loves to shut doors and this time, just so happened to shut Azul in the shower. lol!

Levi loves to be outside!

Rain, Rain....Please stay
Mommy doesnt want to water the flowers today

Me: "Levi....what do you have in your mouth?"
Levi: {Smiles}
Me: "Ewwww, its Azul's rawhide"

Loves to pull up on the Freezer Door

and Get Ice Cubes

Nice Balance!

This is Levi and Azul waiting on Daddy to get home.
 They hear the garage open and know what that means.
{Azul more that Levi}

Being such a good boy at the mortgage office!

Levi and Becca
{My Sweet Friend Emily's Little Girl}
 at our Small Group's Fish Fry!

On the way home from the fish fry, we were stopped along with everyone else by state troopers, Oakland police officers, and the "Booze It and Lose It" truck to do a mandatory sobriety test.

We were asked a few questions:
"Where have you been this evening?"
"Have you had anything to drink?"

This happened twice. I guess they wanted to the thorough?!?!

If you said "no" and it was obvious that you were telling the truth, you were allowed to go on.
Anyone else, had to pull off the the left lane and do a breath test {we are assuming}

Scary thing is, most cars had to do this. We even saw a few cars turn around before hand.

Levi asleep on the way home from church

Playing with a kitty for the 1st time. I love his huge smile!

Azul's new favorite sun spot

This is the next day. Guess he liked the spot regardless of whether or not he had his bed.

Levi man came down with a virus that had him running a high temp for 3 days. He was pitiful. So puny, weak and didnt feel good at all. You can see it in his eyes

Waiting on the Dr

He had to get his finger pricked. Most pitiful pic ever award.

Asleep again...he reeeeally didnt feel good

He slept awhile then I thought it would make him feel better to take him to Chick fil A for the first time. He didnt touch the chicken...silly boy.

I love the expression on his face

Readng books on mommy and daddy's bed

We spent alot of time like this....
Curled up on the couch watching Qubo

The Boy loves his TV =)

Hope you enjoyed his pics!

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Unknown said...

He is such a cutie!! Love his sweet sweet smile. Less than 2 weeks until he is the big 1!!!

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