My name is "Ouchee" and some Randomness too!

*Levi and I were playing the other day and he started slapping my chest and I said "Ouchee, Levi" and a few minutes later, I realized that he had been repeating me. He says "Ouch  che". It was the cutest thing...really. Of course I can not get him to say it on video. Over the next few days, I was obsessed with getting him to say "Ouchee" and now he says it all the time. I am beginning to think that is what he is calling me besides Mama. He wakes up in the mornings and naptime saying "Ouchee" over and over again. While I am holding him, he is constantly slapping my chest and saying it. The boy cracks me up.

* I am OBSESSED with this post over at Kelly's Korner about expectant moms. I guess because Levi is about to turn 1 (in 2 weeks) that I am a bit sappy and emotional about what was about to take place this time last year. So every day, I click and read the stories of the moms who are gonna have a June Bug like me. I even have it on my favorites menu. =)

*Tuesday nights, I do hair on the side and I often treat it as a Tuesday Worship Service when I am in the car. If the weather is nice, I roll my windows down and turn KLOVE or a cd on and blast it. I have the freedom to raise my hands, sing at the top of my lungs and just to Worship. I  know I probably look silly, but its often times just what I need for the middle of the week! I am loving these songs: "Jesus, Friend of Sinners", " I Wanna Live Like That", "10,000 Reasons" (We have been singing this at church for awhile), "God Gave Me You", and "What a Savior"

*My sweet Levi learned how to cruise the couch yesterday! Im so excited for him but this stage of course comes with bumps and bruises. He has felt horrible for a week now so I am thankful for this exciting milestone.

*I love Matt! He really is an awesome, loving and hands on Dad! I am so thankful that he offers to take a sick day when Levi is sick to give me some rest and a break from caring for a sick baby. Matt is thoughtful and loves to get pics of Levi throughout his day and truly loves being with us! I am thankful for him!

*I am excited for Levi's 1 year party! My SIL, Lindsey is making some of the cutest details for the kiddos to feel like little "sharks" and I am thankful for her doing it!

*Happy 50th Birthday to my mom {Yesterday} Im sure she will get me for posting that! We love you!

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Unknown said...

The ouchee thing is great! Just wait until this time next year. You will be looking back in shock at how much he learns to say in a years time.
As far as the party goes.......I am open to help out in any other way I can. Bring it on, the fins were so fun to make. You may be recruited to make things for a pink party in return ;)

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