Yay! Yay! Yay!

Levi and I are headed to the airport this morning to pick up Matt. He has been on a weeklong mission trip to Leticia, Colombia. They also visited Brazil and Peru too. How awesome.

The team will be working and leading VBS at Al Aljaba Orphange

I have missed him so very much and haven't actually talked to him until this morning. Seriously one of the hardest weeks ever.

Here is the team from Bellevue. They traveled for over 24 hours to get where they were going. 3 plane rides later....

If not for my very sweet friend Emily (above in teal shirt) I wouldn't have been able to comunicate at all. She sent me updates and pics. Matt was able to email me Wednesday. I prayed so hard to be able to talk to him in some way. Thanks to all my friends who prayed for me Wednesday. I was having a hard day.

Here is Matt in Bogota, Colombia. He was headed to the airport for flight #3 to Leticia. The Amazon.

He is on a boat ride down the Amazon River. I get chills thinking about how cool that would be.
He looks so incredibly happy, and I love his beautiful smile and handsome face.

Visiting Monkey Island
(I believe its located in Brazil somewhere)

Holding a Cayman Alligator
My very smart nephew knew exactly what kind of reptile this was.

While they were there, the mission was to complete an awning for the childrens orphanage, and Matt was on the construction team.

The other team members led VBS 2x a day and did crafts with the beautiful children of Al Aljaba Orphanage . Matt stated in his email to me that the children loved the Team from Bellevue so much and they didnt care if they were dirty and sweaty from working all day. They literally jumped in his arms right after getting back from working. So precious.

Matt was able to play the box drum and guitar with some of the kids from the orphanage too. What a special memory that will last forever.

Levi has changed so much in a weeks time, and I know Matt is dying to see us both.

We will post more pics........eventually!

Thank you to ALL our family/friends who gave monetary gifts and prayed to help this dream of Matt's come true. I know the Lord will bless each of you for trusting in him and for your giving heart.

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