A Little bit of Levi.....

Ok, once again I was thisclose to stopping my blog. I just dont have the time. I rarely think about posting. Instead of stopping it, I will just post when I have the time.....=)

Levi loves to dig around in the freezer when I have it opened. One day he found what he reeeeally wanted.....popsicle!
He ate the WHOLE thing too.
Matt bought me some pearl earrings and ring for Levi's birthday. He say he wanted me to remember this day forever. Sweet, Sweet Man!

Levi loves bananas and even though no one else has heard him say "nanna" ( I have =))
He clicks his tongue when he wants one. Its Funny!

He is into and on top of everything lately....

My sweet friend down the street got Levi this Bubble Machine. Azul loves it the most. Levi just wants to carry the machine around. {Can you see Azul?}

I cleared out the this cabinet for some of Levi's things. I think it will be great for art supplies and stuff like that.

This is Levi's mug shot   passport picture =)
It cracks me up!
He is official! We head out on our family cruise in a 3 Months!
Funny Guy!

We are definitely ready for some Razorback Football! I made this shirt for Levi, you can bet your marbles that he will have this on EVERY Saturday starting next week through Thankgiving....no exceptions =)
Oops.....1 Exception. It may not be THIS very shirt...but some shirt with Razorbacks on it!

I bit the bullet and spent $40 on some walking shoes. They helped, because the next day he was walking everywhere!

Big Boy at Target. He melts my heart at how big he is!


I went to a local paint studio with some of my Life Group friends and painted this picture
We had a great time!

Another " Melt My Heart, Because He is Too Handsome"

Walking Everywhere
I use this black cup to water by backyard flowers while he swings, and while he was exploring one day he walked over to the flowers and "watered" them,

Walked over to the spout and pretended to get more water

How to they get that smart????
So glad that he is though!
He will be 14 months Monday and it is also Matt's and My 7th Wedding Anniversary!!!
We are planning a "staycation" for later in September!
Hope you enjoyed Levi's pics... He is to precious!

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