Completely Random

Levi met his Aunt Christie last week. He warmed up to her quickly although in this picture he just wanted down....and candy.
I saw this pic of Matt when he was younger (LEFT) , Levi sure does look like him (RIGHT).


I made Levi's lunch for Thursday morning bible study last week. I got all sentimental and took a pic. His 1st packed lunch. AWWW.

1st time with crayons. He just couldnt understand why I made him sit down with them.

Mommy and Levi pic
1st Day of MOMS
Fall 2012

He has become quite the hider lately. I heard him in our room the other day and found him like this. (can you see his feet?) He is yet again in our closet. Its his favorite room lately.
He got quiet but kept wriggling his feet when I came into the room

I finally made this sweet boy his muffins.
In the last post, I mentioned our oven had been broken.

This is our bible study this year for MOMS. I am enjoying it. Jean Stockdale is an awesome speaker, especially to young mothers.

Levi got a banana and started eating it himself the other day. Peel and all

For those of you who know me well. My car looking like this is UNACCEPTABLE =)
Dirty Diaper, 3 Sippy cups, Toys, toys and more toys. I just had to take a pic. Dont worry, it was cleaned out once I got home. It just got this bad running errands this morning. It doesnt actually look bad in the the pic, but it was driving me crazy.

I completed the Woman's Run/Walk Memphis with the Graduation 5k this past Saturday!
Ashley, Me, Allie and Emily all met early Saturday and rode together to the race.
Sweet church friends helped keep me motivated this year.
***Missed you Becca***


Stretching before the race.  We are so serious. LOL.

Ready, Set, GO.
Why????? Do they take a picture when you are running?
All of us smiling with our sparkling medals!
Can you tell who was the slowest out of us four???
I still have food and never took my plastic off my medal, haha. Everyone else was done way before me.
Allie (far right) finished in less than 26 min.
Emily 35:17
Ashley (Visor) 36:01
ME....slow and pitiful  41:01

Oh well. I am happy I finished the program. Now, its just Levi and I and our jogging stoller.
Matt, Levi and I are running the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Relay as a family!
How is that for some randomness???

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christieworkman said...

Ash - loved getting to visit with you, Matt and Levi. What a sweet family you all are. Loved getting to love on Levi. Congrats on finishing your race!!

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