Funny Little Guy

Levi sure is a funny little thing lately. I laugh so hard that I cry sometimes.
He has extreme "Mommy-itis" and only wants me right now. He even runs the opposite direction from Matt when he gets home. I guess he is scared that Matt will take him away from me.
Candy helps with him warming up to you, lol. He is getting some "smarties" from Nanny Lou in the picture below.
Again, he is just plain ole silly. He likes my headbands and always want me to put them on his head. He likes to look in the mirror.

We finally turned him forward facing.

He looks like a butterball here. Chunky.

I am loving my jogging stroller. Levi likes to pick his nose.

Ready to Roll

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Levi can not get enough of outside play right now. So glad the temperatures are cooling off some.

Look at his strut... =)
"Levi, do you want to come inside"

He took off running.

He is enjoying riding where he can see things

His diaper was so soggy from the wet grass. He looks like he is being strip-searched. haha!

Trying out the whole spoon thing.
He'd rather use his hands

Levi loves to get in our pantry lately. He brought me a muffin mix the other day. I tried to catch him and this is him playing get-a-way

Poor thing, I would've made him the muffins but our oven has been broke for 2 weeks. We finally got the replacement part in yesterday. Thanks to my FIL.

Loves playing on our air conditioner.
Is this even safe???

and also loves to get behind daddy's clothes in the closet. Good thing they are not mine. =)

Levi spent most of this past Saturday outside at my grandma's while I was doing hair.
My mom is entertaining him with Barney. You can see she has foil in her hair. Im sure she will appreciate that picture being on here.

He loves Uncle Noah (My brother).
So glad they had time to play together. Noah is such a sweet heart!

Really enjoying the Magna-doodle at our Life Group's cookout.

Playing with a big ball outside.

I love this fussy face. He wants my phone.

Sweet boy loves Sesame Street. Clapping to the theme song

Silly boy.

New hiding place. Sweet Smile.

He is such a joy! So thankful to be his mommy and share each day with him.


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