16 Months!

Levi Man is 16 Months today!!!
I haven't done his pic in 4 months. oops! I really meant to do it every 3 months after he turned 1.
Levi is all boy and such a sweet one at the same time!
*He loves to give hugs and kisses
*He weighs 23.75 lbs
*Size 5 diapers ( a little big)
*Still wakes 1-2x a night
*Picky Eater: Hardly will eat meat or veggies and no cheese
Loves PB and J, fruit, waffles, nutella on toast, pickles, yogurt, applesauce
*Can say a few words:
shoe: "soo"
outside: "siiide"
Daddy: "dada''
*Does well in the church nursery
*Is starting to climb up and onto furniture
*Loves outside
*Loves Books
*Loves Bathtime
*Can point to head, hair, toes, tummy, ears, teeth
*Can mimic a Monkey, Dog and Skunk
*Takes 1 nap a day (when he isnt sick)
*Has 9 teeth and 3 more are on the surface
*Has been on Allegra for over 6 weeks
*Hair is getting long in some places and seems to not be growing in others
*Laughs and squeals all the time
*Loves playing in water
Doing Skunk Imitation
"EEEEEEE" while he puts fingers near nose =)

Where is your teeth?

Where is your head?



We have one smart boy huh? Love him so much!
Here he is at 4 months, same time last year
Look how much he has changed since he turned 1??
His face sure has matured!


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