Levi and Water

Levi normally HATES water (except bathtime}! He does NOT like the Lake at Nanny and Papas, and does not like the swimming pool.
One day while we were outside playing, I was cleaning out my Homemade Sand container.... and walked away with the water left on for a minute. I hear a high pitched squeal....
Levi is playing in the cold water
and loving it!! I finally stripped him of his clothes and he still plays in the water on the ground.
The other night as I was getting ready to give Levi a bath, I left the bathroom for a split second to turn off a bedroom light. This is what I came back to! Ha!
He couldn't wait.
 So glad he didnt hurt himself.

He sure makes us laugh!
He also enjoys turning on our tub's water. The only issue is he likes to turn on the hot water. We have to be careful!
Cute boy!
Do you notice the necklace he has on in the picture below?
Its Matt's dog tag necklace that has all of Levi's info on it name, bday, birth weight/length etc.
Anyways, its one of the 1st things Levi wants when Matt walks through the door at night =)

Here's to hoping next year he will like the pool and lake ;-)

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