All About Azul

I Love Azul!
He is truly part of our family and we wouldn't have it any other way!
Some people wont agree, but if your dog is an inside dog, he shares your home with you.
He has a place in your home.
Here are some recent pics =)
Car Ride!
Annual Vet Visit
7.1lbs and Healthy!
If there is one thing that Azul loves more than Treats...
Its the Sun

He makes us laugh...
He jumped in the car one day and sat. He was upset because he couldnt go.

Did I mention how much he LOVES the sun?

Sonic Night.....
Yes, he gets some ice cream =)
What? Just a bite or two.
Whether he shows it or not,
He likes tolerates Levi
and Levi can not get enough of him.

Snuggled up ready for bed



Emily said...

love it!

christieworkman said...

Love Azul - he's a cool dog. and my dogs love the sun too....Dozer will drag his bed around the room to follow the sun as it moves during the day..so funny!

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