Watering Can and Praying Mantis

Levi seems to always have a toy of the week. I want to remember these crazy, cute little things about him.
Last week, it was this green watering can.
He carried it everywhere...inside and out.
A few days later

Some inside play with it.

Levi and I have a little praying mantis friend,
he is in the same spot all.the.time.
When we go outside to wait for Matt to get home, we go find him.

One day, I remembered this list of things that you have either done or haven't done, and "held a praying mantis" was one of them.
So, I gave it a try...
They have prickly things on their "hands"
it hurt.

This isn't my pic, but can you see the prickly things?
We are still fascinated by our little friend. He turns his alien-ish-like head when you speak to him. Its crazy weird. lol.
We need to name him =)


Emily said...

So cute!
and you are brave because those things freak me out!

Unknown said...

There is NO WAY I would hold one of those! Do you know that they spit? At least that is what an old neighbor told me. It spit at her dog and the saliva got in the dog's eye and it swelled up. Whatch out with Azul.
I love the watering can. He is way to cute!!

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