Playing "House" and other Fun Stuff!

On our recent play date with Lindsey's triplets a.k.a "the trio", Levi enjoyed the play house that Lindsey made from a washing machine box.
Cutie Pie

As I snapped this pic, I couldn't help but laugh and I told Lindsey that we would see this pic framed at Sophie and Levi's wedding one day! =)
Playing House Together

While Levi and Sophie played "house", Chloe enjoyed playing with Levi's shoes. She was fascinated with them.

and Hollis played with something more manly...
a play tool

Levi also enjoyed playing with a play kitchen at a recent Mission Trip get together.
Here he is opening the microwave,

Placing a plate inside,

and closing the door.
What a smart kid. He blew me away watching him do this.

I got smart and finally asked Audrey to move so I could get a decent shot of him playing

We ventured out to the mall one morning and found the indoor playground vacant.
Levi loved it.

1st Carousel Ride
{Just a tiny bit scared}

And yes! we chose the hog for our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks!!!

Swinging at church. 
I have lots more pics, so here's to another post later this week.

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