Pumpkin Patch 2012 {Part 2}

Examining the Pumpkins
There were lots of them!
 Here are some sweet pictures of Matt and Levi!
{I am so thankful for these two guys in my life!!!!}

Father and Son Chat

Levi is too cute. Any time there is a step down, he always wants to hold our hand.

Love this pic!
and this one too!

Hay Ride Time!
They took us to a big field and let all the kids choose their pumpkin
 These are some of my favorite pics!
Sweet boy....
Snotty nose and all

Sitting like such big boy
Now onto some good ole tractor pics!
So Serious!
Look at that smirk ;)
He looks like he is thinking
"Yeah, lets get this thing going"

I would so frame this one....if his monkey bag wasn't in the picture =(
Oh, and Matt is close by ducking behind the tractor in case he fell.
One more Pumpkin Pic!

Thats all for this year folks!
We plan to paint the pumpkins with friends next week!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

What a sweet big boy he is! We are hoping to go there around Christmas to get a live Christmas tree. Of course things always come up so who knows if we will actually make it to get one. ;)

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