Pumpkin Patch 2012 {Part 1}

Matt, Levi and I headed to opening weekend of Priddy Farms this past Saturday. It was soo much fun! We got some great pics of Levi!
There was a huge dog running loose on the property, and Levi's expression tells you he was certainly watching the dog behind us.
Doesn't he look so big?
Mommy and Levi

We got a family pic, YAY!
SO glad they had all these photo ops for us to take advantage of.
Picking out pumpkins.
I got one, now what do I do with it???
They had a huge Ark built and Levi enjoyed walking through it
 Watching some cute girls behind us.....seriously. LOL.
I love his expression
Love, Love, Love this pic. He certainly is a momma's boy.
Look at all his hair that he is getting. Its gonna be light.
Part 2 will be in the next few days. We had our camera settings wrong and the pic files are to big. Takes forever to upload a single pic.
Up Next:
Sweet pics with Daddy,
A Hayride,
Tractor Pics
and more Pumpkins!!


Unknown said...

Awww! These are so cute!!! I hate we couldn't go w/ you guys. That place is awesome!! We had fun shopping for a dryer instead (sense the sarcasm!) nothing like spending $$$ on an appliance. We are skipping the pumpkin patch this year and maybe next year things will be calmer for us. One can only hope, right?!?!?

Unknown said...

He is getting so much personality. Hard to believe he is walking around and exploring all on his own! Love the pics, can't wait to see the rest.

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