The Workman household has had its run-in with the stomach bug 2x, high fever virus, double ear infections, and a cold all in a weeks time. All have been sick, well everyone, except Azul.
Here are some pics of sweet Levi from his bad week.

I dont feel good eyes
watching Barney. Sweet Sweet Boy
Cleaning up after stomach virus. Fun.
{Matt and I had this, not Levi, PTL}

Getting some green veggies in him.
Drinking a Spinach Mixed Berry smoothie.

More Lounging
Extreme Sanitation

Car RIde just to get out of the house.
Love his arms behind his head.

Love my Levi Man

Dr. Visit
Double Ear Infection =(

After Rocephin Shot

Thankfully by the time we even left the dr office, he was feeling better. Rocephin was a miracle shot for Levi!
And since this was the day before Halloween, we really didnt do much. We visited both sets of Grandparents and walked around at our old church's Trunk or Treat, but didnt want Levi out in the cold for long.
Here is our little monkey!

So thankful he is feeling better!!


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