This past weekend, my handsome husband and I went to our first SEC football game!! Matt had been a Razorback fan for a while....ME....didn't have a clue about football....and didn't really care.....
WOW!! We had a blast! I surprised Matt a couple months ago with tickets because I knew he would just absolutely love it, and HE did!!!
I loved everything about the game! Screaming Fans! Calling the Hogs! All the Shout Outs!
I even understood the game....MOSTLY!!

Anyways, here are a few pics from our FABULOUS WEEKEND GETAWAY!

Matt, looking cool as usual. We are headed to the stadium at 8:15am...
what happened to the evening game??

But....I sure am glad it wasn't at night, It was already cold....
45 degrees!!!!

We were awaiting the kickoff!!

Razorback Logo!

Cold.....Windy......Great Football Weather (Or So I'm Told....LORI =))

Mr. Cool (this pic is deceiving, the sun was out a total of 30 min the whole time)

Calling the Hogs!!! WooooooPigSooooooie

Victory on The Field!! Go Hogs!

The Proof!!
Auburn 23
Arkansas 44

New Hog Fan!

That Saturday Night, We went to Carrabba's! So Good!

Then, went to the mall.....and we spotted with our eyes......

Matt loves Buckle, that is basically where he shops!
Me....only in the fall, because I LOVE Sweaters!
And they have really unique ones!!
and I have been told that they only get 6 in each style so that way everyone isnt wearing that same sweater!

This Darling Coat caught my eye!
and Matt totally agreed that it looked nice, so It made the trip back home with us! =)

and lastly,
We stayed at Staybridge Suites in Rogers, AR (20 miles from Fayetteville)
and it was the nicest hotel that we had stayed in!

All in All, it was one of our favorite weekend getaways yet....with many more to come......


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Michele said...

Sounds like so much fun...I love college football games...the energy is so much better than the NFL games! I love my football and no one can move me on the weekends during the season!


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