Ashlee's Top 10...

Thrifty Places to Shop

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10.) Ikea

Swedish based company with Awesome prices
on furniture, home decor, complete kitchens, textiles and tons more...

The only sad part is the closet one to me is Atlanta =(

9.) Lowe's
This is a place that usually requires a trip to if you bought some thrifty find and want to make Beautiful!! Also, they have CLEARANCE =)

8.) Michael's- Craft Store

Always has COUPONS!!!

7.) Hobby Lobby- Craft and Decor Superstore
Has weekly COUPONS and Circular


6.) Craigslist
***Free*** website where you can peruse local people and business's items they want to sale
Also, you can list anything that you might want to put up for sale

5.) Dollar Tree-
Everything's $1 or less
Great for gift bags, paper products, organizational bins, outdoor decor, picture frames, etc.

4.) Ross- Dress for Less

Excellent place for clothes, shoes, home decor, etc
***Requires Patience*** the store is USUALLY a MESS3.) Old Time Pottery
Home and Garden SUPERSTORE
Anything and Everything for your home.

2.) Yardsale/Garage Sales
All of you know about these!!
Any TRASH to TREASURE stories out there???

***Check local newspapers and Craigslist for listings***

1.) Goodwill-

I LOVE Goodwill!
Vase $1.99, Pic Frame $.49, Utensil Holder $3.99...Need I say MORE
People give Goodwill things they no longer need or want, and then Goodwill resales the items at such LOW prices.

Check out their website for local stores and drop off centers.

What are your favorite THRIFTY places to shop...

I would love to have a Top 20 list =)


Anna said...

I shop at all the places on your list, except Old Time Pottery, I don't think we have that here. I have only bought one thing on Craiglist, but we have a similar site that is local yard sales in the area I live, and you can browse items and arrange to buy and pick something up like Craiglist. The other things on my list would be Target, Marshalls and Homegoods :)

rebekahweckerly@gmail.com said...

Great list! Can you believe I have NEVRE been to Hobby Lobby. We have one about 20 miles from our home but I have yet to go! As for Lowes....I get light headed just going in there! I get sooo many ideas!!! And you are right, they have amazing clearances!!! I have got all kinds of awesome deal there!

Turley Times said...

My closest IKEA is 4.5 hours away - getting to go there is an event! I didn't know that Lowe's has clearance items. I'll have to check it out the next time I go.


Sherri said...

Closet Ikea to me is ATL also. An hour away. Never been. Want to go!
My top shopping spots are pretty much the same. Ross/TJMaxx here, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Junk/consignment shops, Goodwill and Salvation Army (we have one of each on the same street!).

Michele said...

I love Hobby Lobby and Michaels. We don't have Ross or Old Time Pottery here by me. The Goodwill here has been raising their prices...haven't been able to find anything there lately that isn't overpriced!


judi said...

hey sweetie,just dropping buy to see what's going on. i've always shopped at the thrift stores. i always find vintage clothing and jewelry. proud of you!!!! all my love, mom

Kim at Polka Dot Thought said...

Hmmm..no wonder I don't have many followers :) I added the follow thing--I'm still really new at this :) Thanks for letting me know and again for stopping by. Your blog is so cute...and I LOVEEE IKEA! Just wish there was one closer to me!

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