Stockpiling: Part 2: Food

I have been stockpiling for Matt and I for about 5 Months now, and I will say that it WAS hard determining how much os just right for (2) People.

Each family will be different. Pay attention to expiration dates.

This is our pantry and the amount that works for us!!

We LOVE salsa and Mexican/Italian Food, So I stocked up on
salsa, pasta and rice!!

Also, we apparently like CARBS....so thats why there is so many potatoes and pasta sides

Cereal , Nature Valley Bars and Special K Bars are a MUST!!

We have a  bin with snacks, Tuna, Pasta Sauces, Condiments, etc.

Baking Materials, Gum/Candy, Baking Mixes

Chex Mix, Chips, and Azul's Food


Veggies, Cooking Soups, More Pasta Sauce, Canned Fruit

 I forgot to show you my Laundry Cabinet with at least 14 Laundry Detergents and Such!!

I am showing you all this to ENCOURAGE you to try coupons and pairing them with sales!!
It WILL save you and your FAMILY a TON!!

COOK from your PANTRY
SHOP so you can COOK!!

Join me each week for my
$40 Weekly Grocery Challenge!!

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