Mountain View

Matt and I took a trip Labor Day weekend with another couple from our S.S class that is getting married on Oct.2.
Matt and Davis have been mountain biking together and Becca and I are running partners on Monday nights.

We went to scenic Mountain View, AR.

We visited Blanchard Springs Caverns

Beautiful Water Falls

Matt being Matt

Sorry, this pic is pretty dark. It was the point where water exits the caves.

The small town was very busy with antique shops, folk singing, and good food.

The guys went on over 50 miles of mountain bike trails called Syllamo Creek (I think?)
Becca and I shopped and enjoyed laid back mornings watching HGTV and wedding stuff.

We also went horseback riding through the mountains. Matt was less than thrilled at the idea, but he ended up enjoying it.

That little town of 2500, really has alot going for it, even though my pics really do not do it justice.
It also has beautiful campgrounds surrounded by mountains, rock beaches, cliff jumping, etc.

Another pin on our Travel Map !!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun and those waterfall pictures are amazing! I am ready for my vacay in just 2 weeks!

Anna said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time.

arkie said...

Lovely! We went there almost 10 years ago. Sadly, the waterfall was not running then because the weather was so dry. We stayed at the Folk Center and toured the caverns. Loved it!

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