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Here is a list of all the deals that I have been able to score this week My Subtotal was $10.48
But Remember, you have to pay tax on your "before" coupon amount
$13.90 including tax was my grand total

 (No Pic): Various Stores

3 cans Chicken Noodle Soup: .33 ea
3 cans Tomato Soup .33 ea
4 packs Orbit Gum: FREE
Finish Dishwasher Tabs (20 Count) : FREE
3 Colgate Whitening Toothpaste: FREE
2 Rimmel Pressed Face Powder: FREE
Gatorade Recover Drink: FREE
Chicken, Boneless Skinless 2 lbs: $4.98
3 Gain Fabric Sheets: .52 ea
 2 Xtra Laudry Detergent: .98ea

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