Dr. Appt Update and 4D Ultraound...Flop

Matt and I went to the Dr's on Thursday for my glucose screening and 4D ultrasound. The glucose test went fine, the fruit punch drink that I had to drink wasnt that bad. I will find out Tuesday if I passed or not.

We got to do a 4D ultrasound next, and Levi was being uncooperative, his arms were in front of his face the whole time. Rachel our ultrasound tech was awesome though, she took all kinds of measurements and assured us that everything was great. He weighs 2lbs 13 oz, and his heartbeat was 161bpm, he was also already head down, so I pray that he stays that way.

Rachel tweaked some of the ultrasound shots and made one of his arms "see through" so we could see his precious face better.

Here is the best pic that we could get. The two dark circles on his head are actually joints and bones in his arms and hands.

Can you make out anything??? You can see his eyes nose and lips, and some chunky cheeks =)


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Anonymous said...

Oh how I can't wait to kiss those chunky cheeks! EEK.... He is so cute!

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