23 Weeks and A Video!

Trying to figure out how to text at 5 months! Smart Boy!


Having Fun with Azul
Azul is on a heating pad! He is spoiled =)

"I love my Aunt" bib



Trying to sit from laying down. He DOES NOT like laying down anymore. Even getting his diaper changed, he wants up.

Strong Boy

His Model Pose,
Just look at those eyes and pouty lips!

Trying out his sippy cup

Cold Afternoon Walk

He loves this chameleon on his exersaucer. It sings a song and Mommy always dances to it and makes him laugh and smile!

"star of mommy's blog" bib
***SO TRUE***


Falling down

Azul is his favorite toy

More sitting




More Sitting

I have spent this last week making all of Levi's first foods that are reccomended. I have made and pureed apples, peas, pears, green beans, sweet potatoes, avocado, pumpkin and peaches.

I LOVE my mumiandbubi.com ice trays. They are awesome and my mini prep food processor.

And if you didnt already see enough of Levi sitting...here is a video for ya!
(As always......dont listen to my high pitched voice. Just enjoy some Levi cuteness)


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