9 Months! {Yesterday}

you are 9 months old sweet boy!

Here is what you have been up to...
  • You have 2 teeth on the bottom (you can see them in the pic above and in several pics below)
  • You have learned to flip over on your tummy which makes going down for naps and bed time interesting. You immediately flip onto your tummy and play, altohough you rarely fall asleep that way. We usually have to let you fuss for a bit then turn you back over
  • You are trying so hard to crawl. You can get on all fours and rock, but you typically rock backwards
  • You are taking 4 bottles a day. 8oz, 6oz, 6oz, 4oz
  • You eat 3 meals a day and we are struggling to get any veggies in you. You loves fruits though!
  • You take 2 naps a day. One usually last 2.5 hours, but you suprise me every day with which one it will be
  • You have been doing better in the church nursery on Sunday mornings with taking a nap in there.
  • You are so lovable and so darn cute. We get stopped by dozens of people every where we go and they just love you and your sweet smile.
  • You have gotten somewhat shy and lay your head on mommy's shoulder when strangers talk to you. You warm up quickly to them though
  • We have been to the zoo several times already in just this month alone!

  • You love to blow zerberts and make funny noises with your lips
  • You love to give mommy kisses
  • You have started to say Momma(although the times that you have done this are few and far between)  and dadadada
  • You love to tease Azul with your cracker
  • You are still wearing cloth diapers all day most days. When we get out and about and on nursery days, we put you in disposables. You are requiring more things to put in the diaper bag, and the cloth diapers take up alot of space
  • You still love your bathtime
  • You are wearing anywhere from 9 month-18 month clothes. Depends on the brand. Crazy how the size differs
  • Your hair is starting to grow some
  • He weighs 20lbs (last checked about 3 weeks ago)
  • We go for his 9 month appt next Friday, so I will have updates then!

  • Levi,
    Your daddy and I are so in love with you! You make us smile all the time and you are seriously the cutest boy ever.

Other Favorites and Outtakes

Levi doesnt stay on his back long.
Here is his progression of rolling over onto his tummy

Oops, try again


That is why his 9 month pic (2nd pic from the top of this post) is of him laying down on his back. I couldnt get him to stay on his back long enough to capture a good pic.

He is getting so big, time to start planning his big 1 year birthday party!

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