6 Weeks of Photos!

Here are Levi's 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 and 42 week picture post and a few of Azul too!

Such a big boy!

Here is Levi and Carter. 
Carter is my cousins little boy who is 7 months older than Levi. He doesnt know what to think of him.

Sweet Carter had his arm around Levi

Love his CHUNKY legs

I love this picture

Levi didnt know what to think when I let him play in his food

He then ended up in the sink for a bath after that fun time

We borrowed his cousin's Baby Hawk to see if he liked it.

Watching Daddy install our new Kitchen Sink and Faucet

He has started to crawl inch everywhere and eventually ends up under the couch. Since this picture was taken, he has figure the whole crawling inching thing.

Watching people mow their grass across the street

Love this wrinkly nose smile

Levi and Daddy

Levi found Azul's food one day

I found this in Levi's Mouth. Gross!
Eating Breakfast at IHOP, before heading to his 9 month Dr Checkup.
He was 20.75 lbs (50%)
28.5 in (75%)

Easter Egg Hunt

Mommy's helper at a landscaping place

Life Group outing at Shelby Farms, which we left early from because Levi didnt feel well and screamed the whole time except when I was feeding him. Later, we found that he had a double ear infection
SOme of the Moms and Babies that were there

Getting into Everything!

After we got home from church Sunday, Levi was running his first ever high fever of 101.9. As you can tell, he did not feel good.

And this was him the next day
At the Dr. Office, His eyes tell you that he didnt feel well

This was that afternoon, he was sleeping well in mommy's bed
Enjoying our new storm door that daddy installed
Still not feeling well, sweet baby
After a day on antibiotics, he was all smiles and squeals
and, into Azul's water Bowl

He is growing up fast. Next week he will be 10 months old!

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christieworkman said...

These are great pictures.....he is so funny to see in these pics. What a beautiful family! By the way....you look great in that pic of you and Levi...Like the hair do!

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