11 Months! {This Past Sunday}

My Goodness, He looks JUST LIKE MATT in this pic!

Here is what Levi is up to at 11 months:

*He has started pulling up on things

*He is down to 1 nap

*He is off bottles but is still on formula for another few weeks

*He loves Books, Walks, the Zoo, Azul, Cellphones, SeenSay and Singing

*He is in 18 month clothes for the most part. He wears a 12 month short when he isnt in cloth diapers

*We had to lower his crib already because I came in one morning and found him standing up

*He likes grilled cheese, peaches, pears, pitas with spinach, artichoke hummus, yobaby yogurt, egg yolks with cheese, green beans, strawberries, carrots, diced prunes, Gerber Crunchies, Gerber Puffs, Crackers, Goldfish, Multi Grain Cheerios, Pumpkin, Apples

*Still is a terrible sleeper at night =(

*His favorite song right now is B.I.N.G.O and Favorite Book is "Corduroy goes to the Doctor"

*He loved the boat at Nanny/Papas and enjoyed watching the jetskis

*He does not like the pool or the lake but tolerates his kiddie pool

*He is crawling everywhere now and is into everything, we put up baby gates this weekend
(thanks Aunt Lindsey)

*He has 5 Teeth and working on his 6th

*He weighs right about 21lbs

Here are some more pics from his 11 month photo shoot and some funny out takes too!


Invites have been put in the mail for his big birthday!!!!

Can't believe he is almost 1

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