44, 45, and 46 weeks and some of Azul too!

Azul loves the Sun

Zoo Day with Friends!

Watching Mommy Water Flowers

Playtime With Azul's Toys
{a.k.a Levi's Favorite Toys}

Azul isnt thrilled


We got Levi off bottles, yay!
And now we have less than a month for formula.......Yay, Yay!

Cute Levi Man at Church 2 weeks ago

Same cute Levi Man after Church

My Mothers Day pic With Levi.....Sad =(

Toilet Paper Fun!

We discovered a new neighborhood park 5 min away. So nice not to have to drive 30 min for an outing!

Zoo Day with Cousin A

Outside Play

Baby Twister Move, hehe!

He has started pulling up

We tried the whole pool thing.....he wasnt a fan and screamed pretty much the whole time. He looked super cute though! Love his Brother Shirt

More Play Time

Sweet Azul

Cook Out with the Gparents

And mommy tried to get some outdoor pics.....this is what I got

Levi and His Cousins

Im two weeks behind posting pics....

I still have to post his 11 month update too. Maybe tommorrow, :-)

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Unknown said...

He is changing so much! He is still such a cutie pie and I loved those chunky cheeks!

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