Little Picasso

A week or so ago, I finally made this baby friendly paint made out of flour, water and food coloring that I read about on Pinterest!

I bought some posterboard and taped it down and turned Levi man loose.

He had FUN!

Yes, the "paint" is safe for them to eat

"Azul, wanna join me?"

He just wanted to eat the paint =)


Levi's 1st Masterpiece!

Instead of saving the actual painting, I snapped a pic of it. It must be framed =)

Fun Stuff!


Unknown said...

I love the paint on his head :)
Did you save it long enough to see how the stuff dried? I saw this on pintrest too and wondered how the "paint" dried.......crunchy, flaky etc...

Emily said...

This just might be the cutest thing ever!

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